Aerate Lawn

Aerating gets your lawn growing from the bottom up. Healthy roots, healthy lawn.
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lawn aeration Service

Core aeration is the process of mechanically pulling plugs of soil and thatch out of the lawn and depositing them back into the grass. Plugs should be left on the lawn following aeration and will break down after a couple mowings. They contain microorganisms that are beneficial to the lawn and will help control thatch.

Benefits of aerating a lawn

It reduces thatch by incorporating the organisms into the thatch layer while giving the soil better air and moisture availability. Core aeration also loosens compacted soil allowing for more air, moisture and fertilizer uptake by the roots and cools the soil (average of 13°). 

It also promotes a thicker root system as each time the root is cut by the aerator, two new root fibers will grow off that point.  This can be done anytime, but we recommend fall because in the spring time we have all the seeds trying to germinate and the aeration process will make it easier for seeds to germinate. In the Fall we don’t have the issue of competing with weed seeds.

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