Overseeding Lawns

Is your lawn looking a little thin? If so, it's time to overseed/reseed. We can make that possible!
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Seeding your lawn

If there are more weeds in your lawn than there is grass, you know it's defenitly time to give it some new grass seed. We offer two options for improving your lawn.

It’s a practice that we need to do over time to improve the overall health and appearance and to introduce new seed varieties into our aging lawns.  The new varieties are better adapted for heat, drought, insects and diseases.  

We mechanically sow seed into an existing turf with a Brillion seeder. It slices the soil and lays seed into the slices and rolls the soil onto the seed for good seed to soil contact.  After which you will need to keep the soil moist for about 3 weeks so the seed can germinate and fill in before just watering as needed.  

Depending on temperature and rainfall you may need to water lightly 2 – 4 times daily.  If the seed dries out after getting wet your germination rate will suffer thus the need for multiple light watering per day.

This process will create a thick lush and better resistant lawn to whatever mother mature can throw at us.  Aeration can be done in conjunction with over seeding to relieve compaction.  Fall is the best time, but it may also be done in spring when temperatures are cooler.

Overseeding a Lawn

If you only need to thicken or improve the lawn you already have we will be able to overseed it.

Reseeding a Lawn

With reseeding, you're looking at a complete makeover of your lawn. You will have to take the lawn back down to bare dirt and plant new grass seed.

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